What Happens if You Don't Pay Bail Bonds

You’ve just been placed in jail and have gone through the jail booking process. Getting out of jail with a bond is not as easy as it seems. Especially when your bail amount comes to $100,000. You are stuck trying to figure out how to make that payment. That's where your local bail agency comes in. Bail agents can loan you the cash and get out of jail considering that you pay a fee of 10% of the initial cost, which can be as high as $1,000. Some people find it hard to pay the fee and have limited options. But what can happen if you don't pay your bail bond? Keep reading to find out. 


Can you get arrested for not paying bail?

Yes, almost for certain you will be arrested if you refuse or can not pay bail money. Bondsmen will have the right to revoke your bond and even bring you to jail without having a warrant. If they can not arrest the convict because he flees, they will then pay a bounty hunter to find them and bring them to jail instead.  

Making an Agreement with a Bondsman

Bondsmen are the real deal. They can be a lifesaver when getting you out of jail, but may even be the reason you end right back up in jail too. A bondsman has the right and legal authority to arrest you if you do not fit in with the contractual obligation that you made with your bond agent. By law, they are allowed to revoke your bail at any time if they see fit. 


If you do not pay your bail bond, you may even be brought before a court or judge if they are suspicious with their bills or they have reason to believe they are committing a crime. You may also receive other penalties including that a bondsman can sue their client for any late fees. 

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Friends Bail

Maybe you weren't even sent to jail, and you've just helped to get a friend out. Anyone who is helping someone get a bond will automatically be in contract with the bondsman as well. You will then be responsible for making payments if your friend doesn't make it to court. 

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How long do you stay in jail if you can not pay bail

Not being able to pay bail means you could be stuck in jail for one or more months. The time of your court date will usually determine how long you stay in jail before trial. Once the judge has come to a verdict, you may or may not be released from jail. If you can not pay your bail money, this usually will bring the court date up to and averages around 30 days. However, it could take even longer, depending on whether or not your lawyer needs more time for your case. Your court hearing may also be delayed or rescheduled if one or both of the lawyers are not able to make it to the court date. 

Requesting to Change Bail Amount

Bail hearings are for anyone who would like to challenge the bail amount that the judge has given. You may argue that the bail amount is too high for you to pay, and ask that the judge lower the amount. If you have been denied bail, you can request that the judge rethink his decision. You may even ask for the judge to let you out on recognizance which signifies that you make a promise to show up to court. Requests may or may not be granted depending on your status and or previous violations against you. But it is always worth a try.

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