How to Get Someone out of Jail Fast

Do you have a family member or loved one in jail for being accused of a crime? Having a family member in jail isn’t easy especially when you haven’t been able to spend quality time with them for a while, and that’s why at Sportsman Bail Bonds we try our best to get your family member out of jail faster. If your loved one has been accused of a crime it is possible they will be detained in jail until the time of the trial, but the Eighth Amendment allows the accused the right to be released by bail so they can have an orderly, complete defense. 


Trying to get through the bail process can be stressful and very confusing when trying to get someone out of jail fast, it also contains a lot of setbacks and can be a long and painful journey, and that’s where we come in. Sportsman Bail Bonds goal is to get your family member or loved one home safe and back in your arms as soon as possible. 

We provide top-notch service and do our best to save you time, stress, and money. You can begin the bail process by contacting our bail agency at 801-919-8537, we will then help you get in contact with a professional bail agent, where you will begin your journey in the bail process.

When trying to get someone out of jail the bail fee will be 10% of the bail amount that was determined by the judge or bail officer. The other 90% will need to be covered by some form of collateral. Which is usually a car, home, or piece of property that is equal to the bail amount. Once that’s all been worked out, Sportsman Bail Bonds will then begin the legal paperwork and your bail bond agent will help you get your loved one back home safe.  

Thank you for reading this article, and if you or someone you love or care about is in jail and you need help getting them out fast and posting bail we’re here to help! We’ll get your loved one back to you as fast as we can, just call us at 801-623-6877 or contact us online. We have locations and agents all around Utah, who are on call 24/7.