What Is a Bail Bond?

For minor crimes defendants may not be arrested or have the need for bail. When someone is arrested and taken to jail for a more serious crime, there are conditions set at the trial such as the date and bail amount. Bail is a form of collateral usually money that the court holds to ensure the defendant will return at the trial date.

The bail amount may vary, depending on how severe a crime was and how likely the defendant is to show up to trial. When a defendant refuses to show up for their trial they forfeit bail and may be brought up on charges of failure to appear. When the defendant shows up to all of the required court appearances the bail is returned to the defendant.

In the 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution it states, “Excessive bail shall not be required” establishing bail as a right. The judge overseeing a case decides what excessive means in each case, they also can deny bail if they don’t believe the threat of losing the bail money will force  the defendant to show up for trial.

When people are unable to pay the bail amount themselves they aren’t out of options. A friend or family member can go to a bail bond company, who will pay the full bail amount and the defendants family or friend will only pay a fee to the bail bond company. Having the information your bail agent needs on hand will help the process go much faster.

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