How to Get Someone out of Jail

Getting someone out of jail is a complicated process and a call no one looks forward to receiving. It can feel even worse when your loved one is in jail and money is an issue. But don't worry, we'll detail some of the options such as appealing the bail, or utilizing a bail bond. Sportsmans Bail Bonds is open 24 hours to help you through the process of getting someone out of jail. We will explain how to get someone out of jail, even if you don't have money! The most common way of getting someone out of jail is through the bail system.

What is Bail and How Does It Work?

When you get someone out of jail, you're typically expected to pay some amount of "bail." Bail is an amount of money that is given to the court and remains secured until the defendant shows up for all the court hearings and proceedings. Bail can be made out in cash to get someone out of jail, but it's important to remember that if the defendant fails to show up in court, the money will be lost and forfeited to the court system. The severity of the crime and the willingness or likelihood of the defendant showing up to court can impact how large the bail amount will be.

This is a quick and easy solution for those with cash available to them, who have faith in their loved one sticking around for court proceedings. However, this could be much more challenging for someone facing financial difficulty or those who can't afford to have a large amount of money in holding with the court system. Luckily, there are some ways you can still get someone out of jail, even if you don't have any money.

How to Get Someone out of Jail with No Money

The Appeal Process

A person in jail has the legal right to appeal bail. During the appeal process, you will be required to appear before a judge, and it can help your case if you have a lawyer present. If you're unable to afford a lawyer, your loved one should be appointed a public defender at no cost to them (or you). Appeals can be a lengthy matter, and the defendant will remain in jail until the appeal is completed. However, if you're out of money, this can be an excellent option to get someone out of jail without spending any money. Suppose you're able to successfully convince the judge that the person in jail is non-violent and poses no risk to others, themselves, and isn't a flight risk. In that case, the bail will be appealed, and the defendant will then be released until further court matters have taken place.

Ask Family for Help

This can seem like a daunting task. It's never fun to ask anyone for money. But in dire times, it might be worth reaching out to family or even close friends to see if anyone can post enough for the bail of your loved one. While bail can be a hefty amount, it's important to remember that it's completely refunded as long as the defendant is responsible and follows up with all court proceedings. Ensure that the defendant is attending court as needed, and that kind family member or friend will receive their money back in full, allowing you to bail someone out of jail with no money.

If no nearby family is willing to foot the bill, check with the defendant and see if they have any money available. There are times that you may be able to use the bail process to bail yourself out of jail.

Consider a Bail Bond

When you're unable to afford bail, and your family isn't available to help, consider requesting a bail bond. Bonds exist solely for this reason! Bond agents are experts in this field and know the bail process like no other. They do charge a flat fee, something much lower than the actual bail, and when this is paid, they will post the remaining bail amount to the court to secure the release of your loved one.

Remember how important it is to keep up with court appearances following the release of your loved one. Although they may be free for the time being, a bail bond is a legally binding contract, and if it's violated, the bail will no longer be secured, resulting in the defendant going right back to jail. Bail is a way of ensuring that the defendant doesn’t bail jump and will show up to court even if they're not physically being held in the jail system. So don't miss your court dates!

These are the most common and easiest ways of getting someone out of jail. If you feel like all of these are not an excellent option for you, feel free to reach out to Sportsmans Bail Bonds, where we can connect you with an expert online or over the phone at (801) 919-8496 to help you find a solution and get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.