How to Find Out if Someone is in Jail

How to Find Out if Someone is in Jail

If you are worried about a missing loved one or family member there is a possibility that they may be in jail, this article is an excellent place for learning how to find out. People get arrested all the time, and that means new people each day. It’s more common than you think, and even people with too many unpaid parking tickets get arrested. Luckily there are ways to find who you are looking for, if the are in the system, and we even have a great tool to make it easier. 

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What is the difference between jail and prison?

Before we begin, it’s good to note that there is a difference between jail and prison. Many people think that they are the same. They are two very separate things and have different meanings. For instance, jails only accept prisoners that will be incarcerated for a year or less. Jail is for new inmates or prisoners awaiting a trial, that didn’t have money for bail. On the other hand, a prison has inmates that have already been given their sentences. Prisoners that will be in prison for longer than a year goes to prison after being sentenced.  

Knowing inmates information 

It is wise to remember that without a legal first and last name, you won't be able to do a thorough search like you want to. Even a nickname won't get you the information you need. Gather up all the information you can, such as the birthday, race, eye color, height, and gender. 

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Searching jails

It is usually easier to find someone being convicted and held in prison than someone who is in jail. Because with someone who is in prison, likely, they will already be in the prisoners' online database, but here are a few things you could do to find out if someone you know is in jail. You will first need to call the local police station and give them as much information as you can. Ask them if they have seen anyone like that brought into their jail. If that doesn't help, try calling the jails in the surrounding area. If nothing turns up, you can request help from a local bail bond agency and see if they've had any calls from the person you are looking for. 

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How to use the Utah jail inmate lookup tool

At Sportsman bail bonds, we are dedicated to your safety. Using our Utah Jail Inmate Lookup Tool, you can search through hundreds of cities in Utah. If you click the link to our tool, you will then be taken to a page full of the cities in Utah that this tool is useful for. Find the city you want to search up and then it will bring you to a site called VineLink. Using this site, you will select the state you want to look up and then it will bring you to a page where you enter the first and last name of the person you want to look up. After that, you will click on the circle labeled find an offender. You will then be brought to a page to enter the offender's ID or enter their first and last name, whichever option you want. Once you finished that push okay and it will give you any possible matches. If you did not find who you were looking for, you can narrow down your information or wait to try the following day again when the site gets updated. If you did find who you were looking for, you can click notify me of status changes or click the contact facility link to get ahold of the jail they are in. 

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Thank you for reading this article and if you, a family member, or someone you love is in jail, Sportsman Bail Bonds can help. You can call us at 801-623-6877 or contact us online.