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Daggett County Jail Bail Bonds

The Daggett County Sheriff’s Office serves the public safety needs of residents and visitors for our County. With a population of 963 people, public safety resources can be challenged with nearly 2 million visitors each year.

We provide professional law enforcement services with well-trained people using the latest innovative technologies to deliver a quality service to the public. We coordinate efforts with Federal agencies and surrounding law enforcement agencies.
Those who wish to visit an inmate must fill out a Visitor Request Form and return it to the jail two weeks before your scheduled visit.

No Information concerning the inmates being housed at the jail will be given to the public, other than the bail that was set by the courts. Victims can access inmate status and through the VINE website. Requests to move an inmate to the jail or from the jail will not be considered.
source: http://www.daggettcounty.org/index.aspx?NID=104

Below is a list of directories for courts, jails, attorneys, we hope you’ll find useful. If you’d like to learn more about our bail bond process, you can visit our FAQ page. Also, to learn more about the Daggett County Jail, Click Here.

Sportsman’s Bail Bonds – DAGGETT COUNTY

Local Phone: 801-691-7565
Local Bail Bond Agent: No Local Representative

Daggett County Courthouse

City: Manila
Street: 95 North 100 West
Phone: (435) 784-3154

Daggett County Jail

City: Manila
Street: 2350 Highway 43
Phone: (435) 784-3255

Daggett County Crime Statistics

Total Crimes:                                                     36


Property Crime:                                                18(50%)

Theft:                                                                 9(25%)