What Can You Send to Someone in Jail?


As you may already know, one of the most common gifts you can send to your loved one in jail or prison is a letter of love from home. Tell them about your day, and how you’ve been feeling without them in your life. It’s things like this that will last a lifetime and mean the most to your loved one. Jails will also usually have a way for inmates to send emails through the internet, but they are required to be read by the staff before the prisoner receives the email for extra precautions. 


You may wonder why someone would need money when they are in jail. Well, being in jail means less food and meals. Getting the necessities is a lot harder when you are in jail without any money in your pocket. Cash will help your loved one get warm socks, shampoo, soap, and extra snacks to make up for meals. 

Celebration Cards 

Birthdays and special holidays are very hard to spend incarcerated. Give your loved one something to look forward to on these special days by giving them a card with meaningful words and love. Jails will usually not let prisoners accept any cards that have extra thick layers or music/talking included. They also do not let prisoners have any cards with extra decorative items attached to them. No glitter, stickers, or bows. Sometimes it’s nice for inmates to receive cards on random occasions as well.


It often gets really lonely in cells, no loved ones to talk to or hold at night, and no one to say goodnight to. Having photographs of loved ones and family gives them something to look forward to when they leave and a face to say goodnight to. 


Ya, it’s not the first thing you’d think of when you think of gifts but having books and things to read helps pass the time of inmates in their cell. It is best to find books with soft covers so you don’t risk them sending your book back. They also want the books to be delivered from specific sellers, meaning delivered to the prison by an amazon delivery guy or whoever it is you are buying the book from. 

What should I avoid sending in a loved one in jail?

Mailing objects, gifts, or even letters to your loved one can get frustrating when you have all of these regulations. But you have to give credit to the staff, there are inmates that would use anything they could to cause harm or plan an escape. There have also been numerous accidents that occured from gifts alone. Here are some things you should avoid sending to someone in jail. 

  • Anything that could be used as a weapon or cause harm if maneuvered. 
  • Anything resembling drugs or encouraging the use of drugs. 
  • Anything that could be used to plan an escape. 
  • Anything promoting unlawful or unwarranted sexual activity.

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