Life With a Parent Behind Bars

According to Prison Fellowship, there are approximately 2.7 million children with a parent behind bars, and for a girl named Luna Garcia, that’s something she’s dealt with since the day she was born.


Overcoming Obstacles While Parent is in Jail

“It becomes something you can use against me,” Luna told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It starts becoming a label you carry around with you.”

Her Father, Jose Garcia was serving in prison for two years when she was born and has been in-and-out ever since. And though her father is paying the price for his actions (ranging from drug offenses and auto theft), she too carries the burden and stigma of not only having an absent father but one that’s incarcerated.

All through her education, she had to make it without the help of a father. And when graduation came for her, he didn’t make it, but she did.

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