Don’t Spend Christmas in Jail!

Christmas and the Holidays are right around the corner, and you don’t want to spend it in jail. Most people are finishing up any last minute shopping, attending school Christmas plays, drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, and more importantly, spending time with family and friends.

Bail Bonds and the Holiday Spirit

Everyone needs some Christmas spirit this time of year. Don’t let the one you love spend their Christmas holiday in jail. It’s nothing short of awful, being alone during the holiday season in a prison cell. According to an article from Dazed, for most inmates, Christmas is just another day to mark off on the calendar. Interestingly enough, even some correctional officers and officials consider Christmas to be just as plain as any other day.

Making the day a cheerful celebration is up to the inmates. They can either choose to make the day special or consider it to be part of their regular week. While it’s certainly not as special as spending the holidays in your home, by working together, inmates and staff can add to the Christmas spirit.

Get out of Jail and Spend Christmas at home

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