College Education in Prison

There are opportunities for college education in prison. According to New York’s two public universities, higher education should be open to all. It is considered to be an “open front door” for those who have been convicted, giving them the same opportunity for high-quality education as the college courses offered to the general public.


Should Inmates Have Access to College Education While in Prison?

Should higher education be extended towards inmates still in prison? Jeremy Travis, President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice says yes.

Benefits could include:
The enhancement of public safety.
Improvement of prospective employment for released inmates.
The reaffirmation of the human potential of those locked behind bars.

What do you think? Should college courses that are offered in public universities be extended to prisons? Is there any harm in learning while serving time? Is higher-education omission considered to be part of the “punishment” for an inmate?

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