5 Quick Ways People Get Arrested In The Summertime

With Summer just a couple months away, remember to stay safe and responsible. Making a rash and irresponsible decision could bring your Summer fun to an abrupt end. What could be worse than spending your Summer vacation behind bars? In today’s article, we’ll be presenting 5 quick ways people get arrested in the summertime.

1. Drug possession

In 2012, of an estimated 12,196,959 arrests, 1,552,432 were for drug abuse violations. (Source: FBI.gov) This includes offenses defined by drug possession or sales, offenses directly relating to drug abuse, and offenses that predispose a drug abuser to engage in any illegal activity. This is the most common type of felony in the U.S.

2. Property crime

Property crime can result in a number of different charges ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. Common types of property crime include fraud, robbery, burglary, arson, theft, motor vehicle theft, forgery, and stolen property.

3. Drinking

DUIs, DWIs, underage drinking, possession of an open container of alcohol, and selling or distributing alcohol are some of the many ways you can earn a fast-pass to the local county jail. Driving under the influence alone accounted for 1,282,957 of an estimated 12,196,959 arrests in 2012. (Source: FBI.gov)

4. Assault

Types of assault include felonious assault (involving the use weapons and/or serious injury), simple assault (when a weapon is not used and resulting injuries are minor), physical assault (in which grievous bodily harm occurs), aggravated assault (when a weapon or increased force is used), sexual assault (involving sexual offenses), and verbal assault (non-physical, oral assault causing injury other than physical harm).

5. Disorderly conduct

This involves crimes that pose a risk to society and can have a wide range of penalties. Types of disorderly conduct include public intoxication, interference with a police officer, rioting, loitering in certain areas, and “disturbing the peace”.

We hope you found this article helpful, and that you remember to stay safe and responsible year-round. Remember to check out our other blog articles for interesting topics, answers to FAQs, how-to-articles, and more!

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