How to Save When Getting a Bail Bond

 You’ve had it hard enough trying to get your family member or loved one out of jail, and now there's another issue weighing on your mind. How can you get the best prices and get your family out of jail fast?  Here are some ways to save when getting a bail bond, and how to get it fast.

Ask Questions to the Bail Bond Company

A lot of bond agencies will expect you to come in and just want to get things over. Very few people actually read the words in the agreements that they sign or even know what they are paying for. Make sure to ask questions if you don’t understand something this will help you save when getting a bail bond. In most states, it is unlawful for a bail agency to charge less than 10% of the amount of bail decided by the judge, but also no more than 20%. Keep that in mind when going into a bail bond company. At Sportsman Pawn you can trust us to be upfront and remind you of initial fees. Make sure to remember some jails also have a bailing fee too so you may have to pay that as well. 

Look For Agencies with No Hidden Fees

If you are trying to find the best prices for a bond, remember to ask about all other fees besides the 10% fee that you will be paying, these include: credit card processing fees, payment plan set up fees, document fees, interest, and late fees. Most bail bond agencies won’t mention these. So be sure to ask, dodging hidden fees is a great way to save when getting a bail bond.  

High Rated Bond Agencies

Look for agencies that are highly rated and trusted. Ask around about the agencies that gave good prices or helped make an easy payment plan. Check websites for pricing and you can even call around and find out which agencies will have the best options. 

Save Time

Find a good bond agency that not only can help you save money but time as well. Pick an agency that will guide you every step of the way and do their best to get your family member or loved one home fast and safe. Saving you time and energy and getting you what you need. 

Thank you for reading this article, and if you or someone you love or care about is in jail and you need help getting them out fast and posting bail we’re here to help! We’ll get your loved one back to you as fast as we can, just call us at 801-623-6877 or contact us online. We're just one block east of the Salt Lake County Metro Jail, 3363 South 700 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84119