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The purpose of the Davis County Correctional Facility is to provide for community safety, facility security, and the welfare of staff and inmates. Under the authority of the Sheriff of Davis County, Utah, facility operations will comply with the Utah Jail Standards and State and Federal guidelines and laws.

The goal of the facility is to safely and securely detain all inmates. The inmates are classified to standardize the housing and placement of both pre-trial and sentenced inmates into appropriate custody levels on a consistent basis. It is the goal of the Davis County Correctional Facility to assist inmates in adapting physically and emotionally in the community upon their release and to encourage convicted offenders not to repeat their criminal activity.

Although inmates are subject to deprivations resulting from confinement, the role of the staff is not to inflict punishment but to make the inmates’ period of confinement as productive as possible.

We are committed to being frugal and efficient with public funds and utilizing all available resources to their fullest potential.
source: http://www.daviscountyutah.gov/sheriff/

Below is a list of directories for courts, jails, attorneys, we hope you’ll find useful. If you’d like to learn more about our bail bond process, you can visit our FAQ page. Also, to learn more about the Davis County Jail, Click Here.

Sportsman’s Bail Bonds – DAVIS COUNTY

Local Phone: 801-919-8635

Local Bail Bond Agent: Mitchell Webb

Davis County Courthouse

City: Farmington

Street: 28 E State St.

Phone: (801) 444-2300

Davis County Jail

City: Farmington

Street: 800 W. State Street

Phone: (801) 451-4100

Davis County Crime Statistics

Total Crimes:                                                    441


Property Crime:                                               203(46%)

Theft:                                                                 148(33.6%)

Burglary:                                                            42(9.5%)

Violent Crime:                                                   17(3.9%)

Vehicle Theft:                                                    13(3%)

Assault:                                                              11(2.5%)

Rape:                                                                  5(1.1%)

Robbery:                                                           1(0.2%)

Arson:                                                                1(0.2%)