County symbol for Summit County, Utah

Summit County Jail Bail Bonds

Below is a list of directories for courts, jails, attorneys, we hope you’ll find useful. If you’d like to learn more about our bail bond process, you can visit our FAQ page. Also, to learn more about the Summit County Jail, Click Here.

Sportsman’s Bail Bonds – SUMMIT COUNTY

Local Phone: 801-691-7565
Local Bail Bond Agents: Larue Norton

Summit County Courthouse

City: Park City
Street: 6300 Justice Center Road Suite A
Phone: (435) 615-4300

Summit County Jail

City: Park City
Street: 6300 No. Silver Creek #5
Phone: (435) 615-3723

Summit County Crime Statistics

Total Crimes:                                                     1,011


Property Crime:                                               480(47.5%)

Theft:                                                                393(38.9%)

Burglary:                                                            57(5.6%)

Vehicle Theft:                                                    30(3%)

Violent Crime:                                                  25(2.5%)

Assault:                                                             19(1.9%)

Robbery:                                                           4(0.4%)

Rape:                                                                 2(0.2%)

Arson:                                                                1(0.1%)