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Cache County Jail Bail Bonds

It is the mission of the Cache County Jail to provide inmate housing while upholding the values and ethics of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office. This will be done by providing a constitutionally acceptable environment that will ensure safety and security to the community, staff, and inmates. The accomplishment of these goals and other mandated court requirements is facilitated through cost effective management. Qualified staff create a positive atmosphere where participating inmates may advance to a less restrictive environment. It is the responsibility of the Sheriff and his employees to provide services to fulfill the requirements of the United States Constitution, Utah State statutes, and decisions of all courts of jurisdiction.
source: http://www.cachesheriff.com/jail/

Below is a list of directories for courts, jails, and attorneys we hope you’ll find useful. If you’d like to learn more about our bail bond process, you can visit our FAQ page. Also, to learn more about the Cache County Jail, Click Here.

Sportsman’s Bail Bonds – CACHE COUNTY

Local Phone: 801-691-7565
Local Bail Bond Agent: Dwight Einzinger

Cache County Courthouse

City: Logan
Street: 179 Main St. #102
Phone: (435) 755-1460

Cache County Jail

City: Logan
Street: 1225 West Valley View #100
Phone: (435) 755-1000

Cache County Crime Statistics

Total Crimes:                                                     962


Property Crime:                                               460(47.8%)

Theft:                                                                 371(38.6%)

Burglary:                                                            71(7.4%)

Violent Crime:                                                   21(2.2%)

Vehicle Theft:                                                    18(1.9%)

Assault:                                                             13(1.3%)

Rape:                                                                  6(0.6%)

Robbery:                                                            2(0.2%)