What Your Bail Agent Needs When Posting Your Bail

When you don’t have the necessary funds to bail yourself or a loved one out of jail, you will want to contact a bail bond company. The agent who talks to you will help get the accused released as quickly as possible. There is some information you should know and have available to give to your bail bond agent to help the process move along as efficiently as possible.

You will need to provide

  • The location the person in custody is being held at. (City, State, and the name of the jail).
  • The full legal name as well as the booking number of the person in custody.
  • What the accused has been charged with.
  • The bail amount. Your agent can find this out later if you don’t know but if they do know they will be able to get you a price to post the bond.
  • The funds or collateral that can be used to ensure the amount the bail bond company will be covering.

We have some great resources for people needing help finding Utah Jails, Utah Courts, and looking up an inmate.

Having  this information on hand will help your bail bond agent get you or your loved one out faster. Sportsmans Bail Bonds is dedicated to getting you free as quickly and without setbacks. We know that this can be a very stress filled time and our goal is to take as much of that stress off of your shoulders. Feel Free to contact us and we will help you in any way that we can.