Weirdest Laws in Utah

When it comes to unusually weird laws, the beehive state is no exception. From weird boxing regulations to throwing snowballs, here are five weird Utah laws that are still in the books. 

No biting in a boxing match

If you find yourself in a boxing match in the state of Utah, it may or may not be helpful to be informed that it is illegal to bite your opponent...I hope this does not interfere with your fighting strategy. Utah code 76-9-705 also prohibits intentional and forceful strikes to the Adam's apple, groin, eyes, and temple area of the head.


Getting arrested for riding your bike with no hands would be a bad way to start your summer. It may come as a surprise to know that Utah law requires all individuals on a bike or moped to keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. That's right, no more cool tricks. 41-6a-1112 also prohibits a person from carrying anything on a bike or moped that keeps them from using both hands.

Buying Milk

Don't be too picky with the milk you drink. Utah code 76-10-3005 states that a person may not unfairly discriminate against any milk distributors. Whether or not that means it is illegal to not buy milk, it's still a wacky law.

Shooting at buses

As obvious as it seems, Utah code 76-10-1505 appears to be pretty specific when it states that it is a third-degree felony for a person to hurl a missile at a bus. The weird part of this law, however, is that elected and appointed peace officers and commercial security personnel are exempt from this law as long as the action of shooting or hurling a missile at a bus is within the scope of their employment.

No Throwing Snowballs

In the city of Provo, a person throwing a snowball to hit someone or cause damage is guilty of a misdemeanor. City code 9-14-100 forbids anyone to carelessly throw a stick, stone, snowball, or any other missile. If you live in Provo, you can forget your snowball fight plans...hey, look on the bright side. You can still build snowmen!

Although most of these offenses seem to go unenforced, they are still laws, and enforcement can be carried out. If you find yourself being charged for any sort of crime, be sure to inform yourself of the current laws on bail. A bail bondsman can help you pay for bail so you can prepare for your trial.

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