Utah Jail Inmate Search Tool

The best way to find an inmate is using the Utah jail inmate search tool. Each of the county jails in Utah has a great inmate search tool that helps you find your loved ones as easy as 1 ,2, 3… Find the Inmate Lookup Tool on our website.

search icaon illustration

How to Use the Inmate Lookup Tool

  1. Click here for our inmate lookup tool.
  2. Select the county jail in Utah where you want to search for an inmate.
  3. Type in the first and last name in the boxes. Most searches will get you results even if you only fill in the first or last name.
  4. After the results are displayed, you can click on the inmate’s name for details about the inmate. The most basic info you can usually find are age, gender and date of the arrest. Sometimes you can see pictures, inmate history, weight, height, and other information.

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