The Top 10 Most Luxurious Prisons in The World

Today we’ve decided to write a blog about some of the most luxurious prisons in the world! While most prisons can be thought of as dull and uncomfortable, these prisons bring sunshine and rainbows into the picture.


List of The Most Comfortable Prisons in The World

HMP Addiewell, Scotland: Prison Addiewell is located in southern Scotland for Her Majesty, and privately managed by Sodexo Justice Services. Prisoners are given 40 hours a week of learning activity aimed at building job skills to allow for a transition back to civilian life.

Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand: In addition to providing comfortable rooms, Otago rehabilitates prisoners by teaching them job skills in light engineering, dairy farming, and cooking. They still have a single entrance and an electrical fence, and they x-ray all visitors, but they also employ cell phone jammers and microwave sensors.

Justice Center Leoben, Austria: For non-violent crimes, this is the place to go. Here, each prisoner has a single cell, with a private bathroom, kitchen material, and television. Also available are a weight room, basketball court, and outdoor recreation area.

Aranjuez Prison, Spain: This prison addresses the problem of children being separated from an incarcerated parent (or both), and is known as the premier prison for families. Children can stay with their incarcerated parents as long as they are present at morning and evening roll call.

Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland: Once known as the most overcrowded prison in Europe, in 2011 the prison had more than $40 million supplied that provided for spacious triple-occupancy cells that each include a bathroom and could pass for a typical college dorm room.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia: This prison shines out over the other Indonesian prisons. Comfortable amenities included an air conditioner, refrigerator and karaoke machine.

JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany: This is a luxury prison for long-serving inmates. Reopening in 2011, the spacious cells include a bed, couch and even a shower and toilet. Prisoners also have machines to do their laundry and a small conference room.

Sollentuna Prison, Sweden: This prison includes cells with comfortable mattresses and private bathrooms. After hitting the weight room, prisoners can cook up a meal in the kitchen before kicking back and watching TV on the couch.

Halden Prison, Norway: Prisoners here can enjoy spacious single rooms and private bathrooms while sharing a kitchen with a dozen other neighbors. They can spend their time in the library, on the rock wall, or in the prison’s recording studio.

Cebu Prison, Philippines: While not a prison of luxury, Cebu Prison is known for providing hours of recreation in singing and dancing to select musical numbers chosen by their warden. Cebu gained popularity for its “Thriller” music video.

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