The Shortest Prison Sentence Ever Given

Shortest Prison Sentences Ever Given

While a prison sentence can range from a couple of days to several years, you might wonder what the shortest prison sentence ever was given is. After researching for a bit, we came across an article that may involve the lightest prison sentence ever.


Joe Munch's Prison Sentence

Washington State: On August 13, 1905, Joe Munch, a soldier on leave of absence, decided to get drunk. After being found by a police officer and taken to the police station, Judge Gordon sentenced him to thirty days for being drunk and disorderly, but Munch's case was taken to the higher court.


The new judge, Judge Frater, decided that while the soldier's crime was not enough to merit punishment, he ought to be sent to jail for the looks of things, and have a lesson taught him. Consequently, Munch was sentenced to an imprisonment of one minute, a sentence so surprising to Munch that after the second-hand completed the circle of 60 seconds, he decided the best thing for him to do is to get away for fear of a heavier penalty. Leading to the shortest jail sentence ever given.


He didn't enjoy his freedom for too long, however. About a year later, after leaving Fort Lawton, he was on board the transport ship Buford and was shot by a sergeant in self-defense when Munch became unruly and assaulted him. Maybe he should have been incarcerated for a few minutes more.


Shane Jenkins's prison sentence of 50 minutes

Shane Jenkins was given what is known as Britain's shortest prison sentence ever given of 50 minutes. On May 30, 23-year-old Jenkins left his former partner while threatening to "brick the window." Not long after, he came back and smashed her window with a broom. Police were called to the incident, but while trying to restrain the young man, he escaped the officers and managed to flee away. 


While in court, Judge Julian Lambert sentenced Jenkins to prison for 50 minutes. During this time, he was given a pen and paper and required to write letters of apology to the ones he had harmed. 


Upon release, Jenkins had written two letters. One for his former partner and the other to the officers he fled from. The one to his partner read, "I am sorry for breaking your window." The other letter to the officers said, "I'm truly sorry for my actions. I didn't intend to cause harm; it was a spur in the moment decision."


While defending young Jenkins, William Rose stated that Jenkins blamed his actions on overly drinking and consuming drugs. He said that it had clouded the young boy's judgment, to which he is very sorry.  


Judge Lambert had also given him a sentence of a four-month jail term suspended for two years. As well he would have to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and rehabilitation. He also was ordered not to take any time of uncontrolled drugs. 


After court proceedings ended, Jenkins declined to comment. 


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