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You can request a bail or get access to additional information about bail bonds through our online, easy-to-use submission form. There’s no need to worry confidentiality. All information is kept strictly confidential and is used only for purposes of getting your loved one released in the fastest amount of time possible.

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Steven Avery: Guilty or Innocent?

Many of you may have seen the Netflix hit Making a Murderer. A miniseries about a man who, after serving 18 years in prison for a 1985 crime he didn’t commit, was found guilty of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach in 2007. But while his trial resulted in being sentenced to life in prison, many believe the incriminating evidence was planted by police. What do you think? Place your comment below.

Steven Avery: guilty or innocent? A picture of a chain linked fence with barged wire on the top.

Spanish Fork Bail Bonds

Our bail bondsman gets you out of Spanish Fork, Utah County Jail FAST!

Have you ever been arrested in Spanish Fork and sent to the Utah County Jail, or know somebody that has? Now you need to know where the jail is, and how to get out as fast as possible.

Utah County Bail Bondsman Agent Thad Ellis

Thad Ellis is our Licensed Bail Bondsman for Utah County are. With over 20 years of experience, he will do everything he can to get your loved one out of jail fast!

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Bail Bonds FAQ Page

Our Bail Bonds FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Our Bail Bonds FAQ page covers a wide range of topics suitable for your needs.

Some of the most popular bail bonds questions we answer include:

Getting out of jail in Utah doesn’t have to be a painful process. Our licensed bail bondsmen are here to help you make this process as smooth as possible.
Our FAQ page can help you understand how the bail bond process work, how and where you can pay for bail, and much more!

For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Utah State Prison Relocation

Relocating The Utah State Prison

The resolution to relocate the Utah State Prison has been signed.

Utah State Prison from Draper to Salt Lake City

In August of 2015, Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution to move the Utah State Prison from Draper to Salt Lake City.  This is a good thing!  As the 690 acres in Draper could yield a $20 billion return, and bring as many as 40,000 jobs according to Sen Scott Jenkins.  Some people say that the returns predicted are unlikely and that residents might be stuck paying for new development with increased taxes.

What are your thoughts on this resolution to relocate the Utah State Prison?

For all your Jail and Bail Bonds needs, contact Sportsmans Bail Bonds in Utah!

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Being in the bail bonds business has been quite an enlightening experience for us. We want to share information that is interesting and just good to know about with everyone. There are a lot of confusing facts having to do with bail bonds that we will try to answer for you. Our blog will include interesting topics, relevant information, FAQ’s, how-to articles, and more! Check our FAQ Bail Bonds page here.